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Book your excursions and hotels in Boca de Guamá with TRAVELNETCUBA: it is a tourist attraction located halfway between Jagüey Grande and the Bay of Pigs, Cuba. The name comes from the Taino chief Guamá and is made up of several scenarios where different activities are carried out. Among others, you can visit Villa Guamá, Laguna del Tesoro, the crocodile farm or the commercial area where you can try local cuisine.The main attraction is the boat trip through the canals between the mangroves and through the Laguna del Tesoro towards the recreation of a Taíno village that is attended by about 100,000 hikers each year. A series of 25 sculptures of Taíno Indians on a natural scale in the middle of hunting, fishing and other activities show us the way of indigenous life in a route through the history of the place, carried out by Rita Longa.It is curious to highlight the group formed by a series of cabins that remain joined by platforms and that lead to the tourist center where the restaurants are located.The crocodile farm is one of the most interesting attractions of the visit as you can see more than 4,000 specimens of all ages and groups by age and size for a better quality of life.Once the tour is over, a wide range of restaurants, snack bars and gift shops will complete your adventure accompanied by the most popular music on the island.
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