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From 2010 Medical insurance is mandatory for all tourists traveling to Cuba. You could easily found one by your travel service provider.

For the Cubans: All Cuban citizens living in the country have the right to receive assistance in all health institutions, which is free. The State guarantees the right to receive medical treatment in the following way: with the provision of free medical and hospital care, through the network of rural health service facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals, prophylactic centers and specialist care; with the provision of free dental care; with the development of plans for the diffusion of health and health education, periodic medical visits, general vaccination and other preventive measures of diseases. In these plans and activities, the entire population cooperates through mass and social organizations.

The State of Cuba grants women workers maternity leave, before and after childbirth, and temporary work options compatible with their maternal role.

Every Cuban has access to doctors, nurses, specialists and medicines. Currently, there are 22 faculties of medical sciences, distributed throughout the provinces of the country. There are faculties that receive only foreign students such as the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana (ELAM) and many others throughout the country who currently implement a new model of education in the framework of the agreements with Venezuela in the ’ALBA, giving low-income students opportunities from Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras and Ecuador hosted in student residences.

The public health of the island has gained recognition of specialized global and regional organizations. Cuba provides medical assistance to other countries such as Bolivia, Honduras, Venezuela, Haiti and many others.

Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, with an index of 5.3 per thousand live births in 2007.

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