Acerca de Cuba

Addreses of Interest

Bristish Embassy in Havana:

Calle 34 no. 702 esq 7ma Miramar Playa La Hab...

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MUSIC Of all expressions of Art, music is undoubtedly the one tha...

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General data

Name: Republic of Cuba

Capital City: Havana

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From 2010 Medical insurance is mandatory for all tourists traveling to Cuba. You...

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Health Tourism

An excellent health system, with institutions designed for each specific treatment, places health...

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Historical Synthesis

Arawak (or Taino) Indians inhabiting Cuba when Columbus landed on the island in 1492 died from di...

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Money and Change

In Cuba today only the Cuban peso (CUP or MN National Currency) is in circulation. Before there w...

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Passport and Visa

People of Cuban origin who are nationals of other countries and left Cuba after 1970 must travel ...

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In addition to the worship of one God, named Olodumare, the Yoruba worship dozens of deities know...

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