Acerca de Cuba


People of Cuban origin who are nationals of other countries and left Cuba after 1970 must travel with a Cuban passport.


Passport and visa regulations often change, so we recommend that you confirm this information to the nearest competent consulate (see addresses of interest). All persons need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country.


  1. 1. All persons visiting Cuba will need a visa except: a) citizens of those countries that have signed a visa waiver agreement with Cuba (consult the consulate or consular section of the embassy) or b) All people can access a Tourist Visa. Some travel agencies, tour operators and airlines can issue a Tourist Visa valid for a 90-day trip, but once in Cuba it is possible to request an extension. In order to qualify for this visa, it is necessary to request it from an officially recognized company or tour operator. The Visa must be purchased in the country from which the trip was organized. All passengers must have a return ticket to leave the country, unless they have a special authorization from the Cuban consulate.
  2. Note: a) All business travelers (excluding journalists, those who attend conferences and those who wish to study in Cuba) need a visa regardless of their nationality. To obtain this type of visa it is necessary to make a prior request in the commercial office of the Cuban embassy; Once the application has been approved, the visa will be processed at the consulate. b) Those born in Cuba who have a passport from another country will not be able to enjoy the visa or tourist card exceptions, unless they have documents proving they are no longer Cuban citizens. Exit permit: required for those whose stay in Cuba is longer than 90 days. Starting fee: around 20 euros.
  3. Types of visas and prices

  4. *Tourist Card - Tourist Visa:* about 30 euros.
  5. *Business Visa - Business Visa:* around 60 euros.
  6. *Visa journalist:* 60 euros.
  7. Note: a) In addition to the visa price, the issuance of visas may be subject to an administrative fee (consult the nearest Cuban consulate). b) Journalists’ visas must be authorized directly by the International Press Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.
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