Acerca de Cuba


An excellent health system, with institutions designed for each specific treatment, places health tourism in Cuba in a position to respond to the most demanding clients in terms of physical and mental recovery.

The effectiveness of the Cuban health strategy is reflected in health indicators at the level of the developed world, with a life expectancy that exceeds 73 years and infant mortality rates among the lowest in the world, in addition to the decrease in maternal mortality .

The primary care system on the island is widespread, with the support provided by the most advanced techniques in the field, applied by qualified personnel in an extensive network of high-level hospital institutions.

Unique proposals to face diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, psorias, alopecia, bone enongation, treatment of addictions and a complete vaccination scheme with products developed by Cuban research centers are also available for health options.

First-line programs and unique procedures take visitors to facilities where various ophthalmological pathologies are treated, or with techniques dedicated to dermatological conditions and in the treatment of that widespread malady known as vitiligo.

Addicted to drugs and alcoholism, many of them considered lost in their countries of origin, find in Cuba the solution to their ills, supported by a pleasant and tranquil natural environment that contributes to healing.

Treatments to regulate the corporal weight, to fight the stress, the aging and the accomplishment of habitual medical checkups are part of the wide range of services that the interested receive.

The natural conditions of the largest of the Antilles also contribute to the progress of the mentioned modality, since many of the riches of the environment serve as a complement to the most varied treatments.

In the modern world, where life goes on in an increasingly fast and intense way, a pause to approach the natural and spiritual is always well received by man, who finds in it the necessary conditions to restore balance and face new challenges.

Along with lovers of the sun, the white sands and warm waters every year thousands of visitors come in search of health, interested in programs that return them to an ideal physical state.

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