Adventure in the mountains

Departure: 07:30, Duration: 12 hours, Frecuency:

Mountain tour in Serrano truck (Russian), Guanayara natural trail in Topes de Collantes, with ecoguia service, bird watching, river bath and lunch. Visit to the Coffee House.

Pick-up in air-conditioned bus at 07:30 h.
• Arrival to "Guanayara", one of the beautiful natural parks that form the Protected Natural Landscape "Topes de Collantes".

• Descending the mountain by truck to the natural trail "Sentinels of the Melodious River" that begins in the impressive "El Rocío" waterfall, with the option of walking along or across the river, the latter difficult but more attractive.

• The meeting point is the natural pool "El Venado", which invites you to take a refreshing bath.
• Continuation of the trail to the restaurant "La Gallega", where an exquisite lunch is the reward
• Ride by truck to take the bus.
• Return to hotels at 8:30 p.m.

€54 Price per adults. A discount will be apply for kids Check Rate

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