Escape to the nature of Cuba

Escape to the nature of Cuba

may 03, 2024
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Cuba presents itself as a destination with infinite options for enjoying its nature: hiking, cycle tourism, horse riding, speleotourism, diving, observation of flora and fauna, photographic safaris, trekking… all in unique natural settings where you will find intense colors , unforgettable scents and the feeling of living a unique experience on this island.


A perfect place to enjoy the fullness of nature. A land of attractive contrasts, surprising for the polychromy and diversity of its landscape, it gives us its varied biodiversity of well-preserved terrestrial and marine ecosystems where you can enjoy intense sunshine almost every day of the year. Magical and prodigious, it invites you to experience an encounter of adventures, legends and realities accentuated by its immense natural charm.

The Las Terrazas Tourist Complex about 50 km north of Havana is a paradisiacal enclave in the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve.

The center of the complex is a semi-urban settlement where the house of Polo Montañez stands out (for its conservation and beauty), a “guajiro” (farmer) as authentic as the tobacco plants that grow in these places. Obviously you will be enchanted by the extremely welcoming and simple ways of the inhabitants of this region. This tourist complex is surrounded by a lake where it is possible to practice activities such as boat trips, or trout fishing, trekking and nature walks.

This territory allocates approximately 16% of the profits generated by tourism to improving the living conditions of its inhabitants. There there is a community management dedicated to knowledge and exchange with the population on their main needs and difficulties. All this, in order to preserve the sustainability of the territory, allow the maintenance of the beautified areas and the satisfaction of the community.

This is precisely its uniqueness since half of the people who live there are involved in the tourist activity and have a deep sense of belonging. “Every person who serves the visitor feels ownership of the place and works based on user satisfaction,” he said.

This complex has great natural attractions and adventure tourism activities also stand out. For those who prefer this method, the Canopy Tour has been designed, which includes six sections of cable through which the customer can slide over the wooded areas and the community itself.

The complex was established in 1994, coinciding with the inauguration of the Moka Hotel and corresponding to the site's attractions with a variety of flora and fauna and ideal for excursions.

Among these activities, one of the most unique is the visit to the ruins of the French Buena Vista coffee plantation which dates back to the 19th century, from where the tourist can appreciate a panoramic view thanks to its height of 240 meters above sea level and taste the typical Cuban food.

As part of a reforestation project begun in 1968, more than seven million timber and fruit trees were planted in this area and the forestry activity is carried out through a system of terraces, from which it takes its name.

Obviously do not hesitate to contact us if you want to include a stop in Las Terrazas in your Cuba tour.

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