The Bacunayagua Bridge

The Bacunayagua Bridge

jun 20, 2024
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The Bacunayagua Bridge, with its viewpoint, is an obligatory stop for those traveling from the wonderful city of Havana to spend a few days on the white beach of Varadero. It is one of the highest bridges in Latin America with its 100 meters above sea level.

Yumuri Valley
Yumurí Valley / Photo from Wikimedia Commons

The bridge offers an evocative spectacle that you cannot miss during your trip to Cuba, suspended over a valley with dense tropical vegetation, you can observe the Yumurí valley, the bed and mouth of what must have been a mighty river in previous times and in the distance the sea.

During the stop in the small open bar on the panoramic point, you can enjoy a delicious Piña Colada or a coconut milk while admiring the condors flying over the valley and listening to live music.

The Bacunayagua Bridge was designed and built in 1956 to join the Yumurí Valley, a deep gorge that the Bacunayagua River has created over the millennia, and allows you to reach Varadero from Havana via a fast and scenic route.

The architecture of the semi-arch bridge uses vault-shaped steel beams and is a unique work of innovative engineering for its time, built with advanced techniques and materials on steep and impervious terrain. The central arch was assembled in two parts, which were rotated until the correct position was reached.

Don't miss this wonder that combines architecture and nature in a breathtaking context.

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