Havana is 500 years old: some of the places you can’t stop going to (Part I)

Havana is 500 years old: some of the places you can’t stop going to (Part I)

apr 16, 2019
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2019 will be an important year for Havana, not all cities can say they reach their 500 years. Havana does, and it also arrives with the condition of Wonder City.

It is no secret to anyone that this city is one of the most attractive on the planet, beyond all possible chauvinism, Havana enchant, Havana is the greatest.

Here we propose a set of sites of interest in Havana, which will allow you to discover the charms of this beautiful and seductive city.

Castle of the Three Kings of the Morro

Among the sites of interest in Havana, the Castle of the three kings of the Morro is of obligatory mention. It was erected between 1589 and 1630 to protect the city from attacks by corsairs and pirates. It is one of the symbols of the city next to the Capitol and the Giraldilla.

Castle of the Three Kings of the Morro
Castle of the Three Kings of the Morro, Havana / Photo: Internet

Hotel Packard

It is the last Hotel in Havana. The terrace of this hotel has one of the most spectacular views of the sunsets in Havana. Witness this while you cool off with a drink. It deserves its place among the most interesting places in Havana.

Hotel Iberostar Grand Packard
Hotel Iberostar Grand Packard, Havana / Photo: Internet


It is one of the best known buildings in Cuba, also located on the Paseo del Prado. It houses the third largest indoor statue in the world. To mention it among the places of interest in Havana is something mandatory.

Capitol, Havana
Capitol, Havana / Photo: Internet

Old Square

Remarkable for its interest, the Old Square, is a place that must be pointed out. It is one of the four most important squares of Old Havana, and certainly the one with the most cultural and gastronomic life.

Old Square, Havana / Photo: Internet

Cathedral of Havana

Site of obligatory reference. The Cathedral of Havana has witnessed numerous cultural and religious events.

Cathedral of Havana
Cathedral of Havana / Photo: Internet


You have to listen to Hemingway, and go through the Floridita, even if you do not take a daiquiri.

Floridita, Havana / Photo: Internet

Obispo Street

One of the oldest and most famous streets of Old Havana, also stands out among the sites of interest in Havana.

Obispo Street, Habana / Photo: Internet

Bodeguita del Medio

Again, we must pay attention to Hemingway, and to so many who have gone to take the famous Mojito.

Bodeguita del Medio
Bodeguita del Medio, Havana / Photo: Internet

The Ramp

La Rampa groups a set of buildings and public use areas of significant value. In the opinion of some people, it is the backbone of the Cuban capital.

The Ramp
The Ramp, Havana / Photo: Internet

National Hotel

It is the flagship hotel of this Havana that celebrates 500 years. It has hosted hundreds of artists and celebrities. Its garden has one of the most impressive views of Havana and its Malecón. If you talk about places of interest in Havana, this is one that we can not forget to mention.

National Hotel
National Hotel, Havana / Photo: Internet

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