feb 10, 2023
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This is one of the best historical moments to plan a trip to Cuba. The creativity of the private sector is blossoming and the big foreign companies have not yet changed its uniqueness. The country is therefore in full evolution. A thousand landscapes to explore: from rural Viñales to the metropolis of Havana, to the beach of Varadero or Cayo Santa Maria… all of Cuba is an exciting wave to ride now.

Not just beaches

Most travelers are rightly attracted by the magnificent white sand beaches that stretch along the north coast and the neighboring islands. Wonderful 4 and 5 star hotels with extensive beaches where you can walk for km. However, going further, you can explore a totally different world: dense forests and swamps inhabited by every endemic species of flamingos, colorful birds and even the endemic crocodile, coffee and sugar cane plantations and mountains renowned for both revolutionary history and waterfalls reachable by trekking or 4×4 trucks and where you can take refreshing baths surrounded by thick vegetation where orchids grow everywhere. Cuba is like a natural park in the Caribbean Sea. Abandon the usual paths and discover them.


Still far from modern interference, the colonial cities of Cuba have not changed much since pirates threatened the Caribbean or the mythical 60s. The atmosphere and architecture of cities such as Havana, Trinidad, Remedios and Camagüey are very seductive, with their magnificent squares and paved streets that tell of ancient splendor and their splendor thanks to skilful renovations that have transformed ancient palaces into lavish hotels or Bed and Breakfasts or retro restaurants that proudly display their cultural heritage.


Despite the embargo and the difficulties, people remain unique in their positivity, walking down the street means receiving handshakes, kisses, friendly phrases such as “dime hermano!” And at least some invitations to drink a “cafecito” or a rum.

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